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The AgTech Insight team and our market maps are trusted resources for all types of media across TV, radio, print and digital articles for leading media companies around the world. We also often write articles, are contributors or interviewed on a regular bases to provide industry trends, event recaps and other insights from the industry. We have been featured in Fortune, Forbes, AgFunder News, Successful Farming,, Global Ag Investing, La Nacion, Business Journal, AgNetWest, many news reports and more.



Introducing the Interactive AgTech Insight Ecosystem Market Map

Since AgTech Insight launched the original AgTech Market Map in 2015, our internal database has grown to over 5,000 digital AgTech solution providers. Along with announcing our new team and strategic implementation services, we’re especially excited about the unique features of this updated market map because we’ve created an incredible interactive version. We are sharing the top to over "900 digital tech companies, 40 accelerators and startup programs, plus 75 of the leading AgTech focused investors from around the globe, showing the connected ecosystem approach. This interactive version, which you can access on our website, allows you to click on any name and it will hyperlink you to that organization’s website – no more searching for hours to find the information you want! You can also download the PDF version if you prefer.


There are many great resources available that provide generalized industry trends and datasets from which you can draw your own conclusions.  As we undertook the exhaustive task of updating and further analyzing each company to pick the cream of the crop to publish in this 2020 AgTech Ecosystem Market Map, we observed a few key things we’d like to point out:

Checkout the 2022 AgTech Ecosystem Map

Use the Interactive 2022 AgTech Ecosystem Map
Download the 2022 AgTech Ecosystem Map

In The News

AgTech Insight Launches AgTech Strategic Implementation Dream Team

By Aaron Magenheim, CEO & Founder, AgTech Insight ©2020


I grew up in California Agriculture and even sold “old school” AgTech, but in early 2014, once I finally ventured into the crazy, global tech epicenter of Silicon Valley, I immediately saw so much potential opportunity for our industry. You can read more on our website about our early days. For the first four years after founding AgTech Insight, I focused on working with leaders and studying everything about this fledgling industry and the people in it. In early 2018, it was finally time to mastermind a plan – to leverage the outstanding relationships I had built and put to work all that we had learned. Today I am thrilled to announce that we have assembled an exceptional global team of experts – AgTech Insight’s “Dream Team” – to provide full-spectrum AgriFood Tech implementation, consulting, & advisory services to Agribusiness corporates, governments, NGO’s and mainstream tech companies.

News Release - AgTech Insight Announces Global Team of AgriFood Implementation Experts and Interactive Ecosystem Market Map

AgTech Insight is officially launching its Strategic Implementation Services – providing global expertise to create, execute and support transformation throughout Agriculture & food. Their results-driven, boots-on-the-ground approach provides services to Agribusiness corporates, governments, NGO’s and mainstream tech companies with a focus on execution. As part of their continued commitment to effective innovation, sustainability and collaboration, they have also published an interactive AgTech Ecosystem Market Map on their website featuring leading startups, investors and accelerator programs, allowing the user to click on a listing and be directed to the organization’s website. This is an indispensable tool for anyone exploring the changing AgTech industry.

What The Heck Is Farm Management Software?!

Technology specifically built for Agriculture, (commonly known as AgTech or Precision Ag), has become an exciting space with Farm Management solutions leading digitalization. “Farm Management” has also turned into a buzzword many people use broadly and don’t really understand the importance of and details around – especially in our rapidly changing world.

As CEO and co-founder of AgTech Insight, a global advisory and implementation firm specializing in AgTech, I have been monitoring the evolution of this industry for several years, evaluating both existing and new solutions and companies. In 2015 we launched our first AgTech Market Map leveraging our internal solutions database by providing a free, valuable resource for those wanting a better understanding of which companies are leading the market organized by category. 

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