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Agriculture is one of the largest employment sectors worldwide and a major key to a thriving economy, thus having and implementing a successful plan is a direct driver of prosperity as a whole though improving standards of living, employment, water and food security. Our team takes the guesswork out of where to concentrate your efforts and provides a clear path forward to meet your top priorities leading the way to short-term success as well as long-term planning, placing you ahead in the global markets.

Whether you’re part of national or local government we will help you build and execute a complete customized plan utilizing the resources available locally, collaborating with your existing relationships, and bringing in the most qualified expertise when needed.

Especially in Latin America and Asia, government and public / private partnerships are the cornerstone of building a successful agriculture and technology implementation. We specialize in partnering with pioneering associates in Latin America and Asia on semi-local and national initiatives.


  • Public official’s advisor

  • Building a successful AgTech ecosystem

  • Establishing an Ag innovation plan

  • Incubator, accelerator or startup programs

  • Speaking and Industry / farmer adoption strategies

  • Combining solutions into a central platform

  • Strategic partnerships to promote faster growth and increased adoption

  • Supply Chain

  • Best growing practices

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