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Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s)

How can you insure that you make the most impact with your efforts? Many major initiatives have turned their concentration to helping farmers in developing countries, because if you help teach a farmer how to leverage technology to improve farming practices and bring transparency to input (seed, chemical, fertilizer) and crop sale pricing, you empower the entire population for years to come. This supports basic human rights while integrating sustainability, water and food security.

Our team has the entrenched knowledge to work with your goals to define what will make the most impact on the community over the short and long term. Often the real needs of an area are not what we perceive them to be nor what the locals have identified. We peel off the top layers to expose the real needs then propose a plan, and are equipped to help with implementation.


  • Evaluation of small farm holder needs

  • Defining a technology baseline

  • Map current structure and identify gaps

  • Impact studies

  • Sourcing solutions

  • Strategic partnerships to promote faster growth and increased adoption

  • Training for sales, installation, implementation, integration & maintenance of products

  • Combining solutions into a central platform

  • Building roadmap

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