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Startups and Accelerators

The AgTech Insight team is involved with the best AgTech incubators and accelerators around the world, advising and mentoring to help shape the future of the ecosystem.

Incubators / Accelerators – Taking the best from every program, we build Standard Operating Procedures throughout the process to create the most value for sponsors, startups and follow-on investors in your geography. We bring deal-flow, select the best and brightest, and provide advisory work to many cohorts throughout the US and the world.

Startups – our team has the in-field experience to ensure your product is built for your target market. We will help build and implement a Go to Market (GtM) strategy locally or internationally and be sure your plan includes the support necessary for success.

Product readiness for your target market – You’re pouring thousands of dollars every month into product development, building a solution based on conversations with potential users. What happens when you get your MVP to the users and they have a ton of extra needs they add to the list? How much does an extra few months of development re-iteration cost you every year? Our team can reduce iterations by getting you 95% of what your market demands the first time, saving you precious time and money. Our startup advisory work starts at $750 and we have additional options available to help from there depending on your needs.


  • Grower AgTech Audit

  • Go to Market (GtM), including grower-led feedback, end-user interface needs, new territory requirements

  • New crops, geographies or market sectors

  • Product fit requirements for specific markets / target users

  • Sales networks – development of reseller, dealer, and channel partners

  • Strategic partnerships to promote faster growth and increased adoption

  • Competitive market and pricing landscape

  • M & A planning and execution

  • Business development

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