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Ag Tech Insight provides guidance and direction for investors working in the Ag Technology industry. We track over 3,000 digital AgTech companies, many who we have met directly through our network. This database allows us to look at a wide view of companies in a specific sector.

Our AgTech experience, coupled with decades of grower relationships, business management, customer service, start-up, distribution channels, marketing, and investment success makes AgTech Insight the perfect partner to guide your investments into the Ag centric market. Our world class list of partners and advisors, along with our available software/hardware, research & development teams, deliver the imperative expertise to assist your venture at any level. Our specialized expertise provides premier deal flow and due diligence, helping place your investment into the most promising companies in the world. We can also hold an advisory or board seat to help keep a company stay on track.


  • Deal-flow

  • Due diligence

  • Board seats / startup advisory

  • Strategic investment planning – rounding out your portfolio

  • Competitive market and pricing landscape

  • Macro to micro market trendst

  • Go to Market (GtM), including grower-led feedback, end-user interface needs, new territory requirements

  • Industry partnerships

  • Follow-on investment advisory

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