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Ag Corporates and Retailers

You have a business to run, but you see the need and opportunity to integrate technology throughout your business. You may be asking the question: how will startups and new technologies potentially disrupt our business and what actions should we take to ensure our continued success?

We build an internal eco-system to integrate innovation and industry leadership into the traditions that make up your company’s success. Our team works with your organization to build your customized plan and determine which specific solutions are needed, solidify meaningful milestones, and build internal leaders. Then we work beside you throughout the execution process, exceeding supplier, customer and consumer needs.

Oftentimes the hardest part of innovation is deciding where to start, which is the best place for us to engage. We will work with your employees to ensure everyone involved has a benefit in committing to innovation and build. Whether it’s better visibility into supply chain, using Blockchain to connect your brand with the consumer, or meet food safety needs, we dive into your operation and set you up to live in an optimal realm.

Consumer trends and regulations are constantly pushing you to innovate, but how can you ensure that everyone in the value chain has the incentive to adopt technology and help gain the big data and analytics you dream of? Our team works through the supply chain to advise and implement the best advancements and adjustments for your business.


  • Process improvement through innovation and technology

  • How to best utilize existing tech

  • Most valuable areas to integrate tech into your business and supply chain

  • Sourcing or evaluating the best tech for your unique business

  • Global industry trends

  • Combining solutions into a central platform

  • Installation, and support training to increase adoption

  • Standard Operating Procedures for innovation (SOP)

  • Building a culture of constant innovation

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