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AgTech Insight AgTech Insight is a full service consulting and advisory firm offering expertise to ensure success and projection in today’s global economy.

Our team consists of experienced, top-level agriculture and technology professionals from around the world.

Ag-based insight integrating the technology, investment, & agri-culture worlds together to ensure a more fruitful future.

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Grower AgTech Audit

Helping growers maximize the ROI of their current and future technologies

About Us

We are a global, full spectrum Agriculture & Tech consulting firm with the experience and proven methods to tackle any project using the best tools today while planning for the future. By tracking over 3,000 digital AgTech companies around the globe we get past the smoke and mirrors to work with real companies to make a huge impact on the world’s food supply.

In 2014 we saw the Agriculture and Tech industries starting to collide and were inspired to start AgTech Insight as a bridge to help these two very different industries collaborate. Over the past five years, we have worked with corporates, investors, governments, startups and farmers building a global network of dedicated AgTech professionals.

AgTech is a extremely specialized industry, and that’s why we have put together a team that is the first of its kind to gather the best people in the world who all have a similar vision for the industry: a global outlook, parallel thought processes, and the desire to drive the industry into a sustainable and successful future, not only for farmers but everyone the industry touches – startups, investors and consumers.

Our team is made up of professionals who have actually been in the trenches, learned what works and what doesn’t (sometimes the hard way!), and had success in implementing best farming practices and AgTechnology.

We work across the space from genetics through the growing cycle to traceability and cold chain – in both outdoor specialty and broad-based row crops – for any crop or geography – to provide best practices and solutions from around the globe. The AgTech Insight Team delivers distinctive consulting and advisory expertise to a variety of companies and large corporates, governments, investors, farmers, industry leaders, and more. We specialize in sharing deep, on-the-ground experience in the emerging AgTech space that is necessary for success in this evolving industry.

Over the past 45 years, our team members have been integrating the best ideas and advancements available to the agriculture industry. Our team has designed, built, sold, supported and implemented all types of solutions. We’ve tried and failed and tried again and again until we have built best practices throughout our area of expertise. We have not only used but brought a multitude of new hardware and software solutions to new markets.

Our headquarters are located in Salinas Valley, home to the most diverse and intensive growing practices in the world, but our team is made up of industry leaders from around the globe. We have access to a vast array of any crops and some of the best growers in the trade.

How we work

We work with you to implement extraordinary success. The fundamentals of success begin in the strength of the foundation. Without a strong foundation we are only building ahouse of cards that will topple with only a slight wind or push. Our method begins with understanding, defining and organizing all the players to create a solid foundation enriched with innovation. Please see our efficient three step process below.



We begin with a comprehensive survey which enables us to efficiently understand your strengths and pain points.



We work with you to build an innovation strategy – meeting needs of today while planning for the future.



Working from our strategic plan, we bring the right team members, technologies and support to ensure success.

“Aaron provided keen product feedback, market insight and connections enabling reduced GtM development time. His past work developing his own platform added to many embedded relationships in Ag Tech were invaluable.”

-Todd Rinkenberger, Prior Director of Business Development, Netafim USA

What’s New?


Introducing The Grower AgTech Audit

Developed by our technology leaders within production Agriculture who became tired of new technologies coming into the industry while most farmers only utilize 10-20% of the technologies they have already put in place. In efforts to change this and help growers optimize their organizations through the efficient use of technology.

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