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Agriculture Consulting

AgTech Insight provides global expertise to create, execute and support innovation strategy throughout Agriculture & Food. Our diverse team consists of over twenty experienced, top-level AgTech professionals from around the world, each offering specialized skillsets and have real boots-on-the-ground success in implementing best practices and technology.

Agriculture Consulting
Agriculture Consulting

How We Work

Agriculture Consulting

We work with you to implement extraordinary success. The fundamentals of success begin in the strength of the foundation. Without a strong foundation, we are only building a house of cards that will topple with only a slight wind or push. While our method begins with understanding, defining and organizing all the players to create a solid foundation enriched with innovation, we often also collaborate with other consulting groups to execute on strategy. Please see our efficient three-step process below.

Step 1


Agriculture Consulting

We begin with a comprehensive survey which enables us to efficiently understand your strengths and pain points.

Step 2


Ag Technology

We work with you to build an innovation strategy – meeting needs of today while planning for the future.

Step 3


Agtech Consulting

Working from our strategic plan, we bring the right team members, technologies and support to ensure success.

“Aaron is uniquely qualified to assist AgTech companies since he and his family have farmed, owned a retail agribusiness, and been a part of an AgTech startup. On farm and in the trenches experience is a significant  limiting factor in the AgTech world. Aaron provides an invaluable experience base that is hard to find.”

–Robert Morris, CEO, Terravion

“Aaron is one of the most connected people in agriculture. He definitely understand the practical, technological, and informational challenges of implementing new technologies in a production context.”

– Monte Bottens, Farmer & CEO, Ag Solutions Network

“Aaron is a seasoned entrepreneur as well as a pioneer and industry luminary in the agtech space. Aaron has been a key participant in the growth of agtech or agri-tech and has a unique blend of experience and knowledge to develop, evaluate and bring technology to the international agricultural markets. I can recommend Aaron for all matters relating to the intersection of agriculture and technology.”

Roger Royse, Founder,  Royse Law


What's New?

Agriculture Consulting

Introducing The Grower AgTech Audit by Growers Insight

Developed by our technology leaders within production Agriculture who became tired of new technologies coming into the industry while most farmers only utilize 10-20% of the technologies they have already put in place. In efforts to change this and help growers optimize their organizations through the efficient use of technology.

Introducing the new 2020 AgTech Ecosystem Map!

News Release

AgTech Insight Announces Global Team of AgriFood Implementation Experts and Interactive Ecosystem Market Map