Meet the Ag Tech Insight Team

We have the specailized skillsets to meet your vision and integrate best practices and innovation across the Agriculture industry worldwide.

Aaron Magenheim

AgTech Strategy, Global Expansion
CEO/Co-Founder – AgTech Insight
Salinas, California, USA

Aaron is an entrepreneur working globally across the Agriculture and technology nexis specializing in Go to Market strategies, farm operation innovation planning, and advising corporates, investors, governments, NGO’s, and startups through successful AgTech integrations and best farming practices across the supply chain. Aaron has been a co-founder of AgTech startups in both hardware and software development with global operation as well as has become a leader in the AgTech movement and speaks to groups around the world.

Daniel Royer

Technology Systems Builder
CSO – AgTech Insight
Merced, California, USA

I have spent the last 15 years working for large scale food producers who believe in always looking for the next tool that will help them improve their operations. Finding shiny tools is one thing, but making them work can create a number of unintended consequences for your organization. Through many wins and many loses I have developed systems to help ensure that the technology you are bringing into your operation is being used by the right people and is delivering expected results.

John Jefferson

AgTech, Strategic Partnership, Program Management
Managing Partner-Sage Synergies LLC, Co- Founder-Insight Labs
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Successful consulting professional with extensive experience building strategic partnerships and organizational capacity to drive revenue generation and growth. Proven ability developing business opportunities in emerging technologies and markets such as IoT, AgTech, startup and early stage company partnerships and platform technology integration. Leverages creativity, thought leadership and innovation to give clients competitive advantage in operational efficiency, fundraising and market penetration.

Johanna Ballesteros

JBAgro Co-Founder, Ag Tech, Animal Production, Engormix
Co-Founder, JBAgro-International
Greenville, South Carolina, USA

JBAgro Co-Founder, Ag Tech, Animal Production, Engormix
Co-Founder, JBAgro-International
Greenville, South Carolina, USA

My career has developed in the International Agribusiness industry. From launching new product lines to developing markets in different countries, my passion has been within this Industry. I have many years supporting Agribusiness companies in different countries: Mexico, Peru, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina

Brock Taylor

Precision Farming Agronomist, CCA, CPSs, CPAg
President and CEO-Block Taylor Consulting
Clovis, California, USA

Brock has been an innovator in the specialty crop industry consulting for farmers through a variety of crops in California and beyond since the 1970’s. Making better irrigation and fertilizer management decisions by utilizing technology from imagery and sensors, weather and other methods has been the focus of Brock’s career. He has proved and launched auto guidance systems for tractors, developed variable rate application methods, and helped growers maximize their irrigation.

Federico Mayer

Start up, AgTech Consulting
CEO & Founder- Club AgTech
Marcos Juarez, Argentina

One of the activities to which I am dedicated and I enjoy the most is to contribute to generate a powerful community of Agro Entrepreneurs, capable of contributing to the global generation of food from innovations packaged in services through technology. The other activity that I’m passionate about is adding value to the primary productions we have in the interior of the country. If we manage to start up these two aspects seriously, in 15 years, we change the country.

David Ceaser

Urban Ag Consultant, Agritecture Consulting
Controlled Environment Agriculture Consulting
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Urban Ag Consultant, Agritecture Consulting
Controlled Environment Agriculture Consulting
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

David has more than 20 years’ experience in agriculture with the last 8 focused in urban agriculture and hydroponic production. He has managed farms producing seasonal vegetables, herbs and salad greens. His studies include a BA in Agro ecology, a certificate in Horticulture and an MBA.

Justin Durdan

Dry land Corn and Bean Grower, Agriculture Supply Chain Logistics Expert
Chief Business Development Officer -WISRAN and Managing Partner-Durdan Farms
Chicago area, Illinois, USA

My dad and I operate a family farm near Streator, Illinois; we primarily grow corn with along with soybeans and some alfalfa. As the younger generation, I am also responsible for keeping the farm up-to- date with the latest technology. I also focus on the introduction and execution of using the latest technologies in our operations including WISRAN, John Deere Operations Center, Granular, Encirca, Asana, and Google Drive.

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Agri Business Consulting
Director & CEO-( IACG ) International Agriculture Consulting Group
New Delhi, Delhi, India

He has a long history with Agriculture and Agribusiness sector in across Africa, India and South Asia. He has been involved in the agricultural sector for around 20 years. He has a technical background in Agriculture, Food Technology, Agribusiness Management, having worked in academics, consulting, sales and business development in various Multinational and leading national companies at Senior management positions.

Jeffrey Bewley

Dairy Tech & Analytics Expert
Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist – Alltech
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA

Dr. Jeffrey Bewley is a longtime dairy industry enthusiast and expert currently serving as Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist at Alltech. He has a passion for innovation within the livestock industry and has worked with dozens of technology companies at various stages of development.

Sieg Magenheim

Irrigation & Soils
Co-Founder- AgTech Insight
Salinas, California, USA

Sieg has been pioneering design, sales, and installation of cutting-edge agricultural irrigation products and services for over 36 years in Central California. In 1997 he founded Signature Irrigation, which he sold in the fall of 2015. Sieg is extremely well-respected in the industry for his innovations, knowledge, ethics and unsurpassed service, and he now brings those relationships and decades of experience to AgTech Insight.

Tom Trone

Business development (acquisitions, alliances, joint venture, consolidations, integration)
Davenport, Iowa Area, USA

Retired Director Sales & Marketing John Deere, Experience:
– Business development
– Acquisition, joint venture, and consolidation integration planning & implementation
– M&A Process design
– Sales Process design
– Commercial operations
– Channel development
– Sales & Marketing Division Management
– New (global) market entry & development

Alfredo J. Escribano

Livestock Nutrition, DVM PhD, Spain/International
Head of International Business Development and Technical Support- NUTRION
Cáceres, Spain, EU

Veterinary Doctor, Msc and MBA. Animal production: Feed, Marketing and Sustainability. He has been also researching on Marketing/Consumer ‘s behavior towards premium animal products. In 2014, he moved to the private sector, where he has been mainly focused on ruminants. He continues researching, writing and consulting on livestock production from 3 areas of expertise: Feed, Marketing and Sustainability.

Ze’ev Barylka

Sales and Distribution Management
Director of Marketing- Netafim USA
Greater Denver Area, USA

A proven business leader of North American and international sales and marketing organizations, offers expertise in developing successful sales growth and marketing strategies. Enjoyed generating marketing plans and campaigns, creating brand strategies that engage customers and to develop new business. Effectively developed new business and increased existing commercial activity through customer acquisition, distribution segmentation, product positioning, targeted messaging and pricing strategies, for multimillion-dollar, multi-product lines companies.

Dr. David Hughes

Global Food and Drink Leader
Consumer Trends Expert

Dr. David Hughes is Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London, and Visiting Professor at the Royal Agricultural University, U.K. He is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences and seminars on global food industry issues, particularly consumer and retail trends. David has lived and worked in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia and has extensive experience as an international advisory board member with food companies and financial service organizations on three continents. With his American business partner, David established, grew and sold a branded fresh food business which served supermarkets in the USA. His views on food issues are much sought after by the media and food businesses in many countries of the world.

Lisa K. Johnson, Ph.D.

Fresh Produce Loss Expert
Training in measurement and tracking of vegetable losses in field
Raleigh, North Carolina

I work alongside growers, non-profits, universities and government agencies in the US and beyond to understand losses in fresh produce in agricultural production. I am able to show where opportunities can be found, rather than highlight problems that need to be fixed. Grower profit is my primary goal, but total utility of crops is a close second. I can’t stand to see anything of value go to waste, especially fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense produce.

Strategic Alliances

Verdant Partner LLC

Champaign, IL

Club AgTech

Marcos Juárez, Córdoba, Argentina