Building action plans for the modern farm to increase profitability and sustainability

We have spun off Growers Insight as a farmer-focused company to build and implement innovative and comprehensive year-by-year plans. With thousands of new technologies inundating the Ag sector, our Grower AgTech Audit™ provides an assessment of the farmer’s operation and paves the way to increased productivity, profits, and sustainability.

It’s like using google maps navigation to build your farm’s strategy. Our 2-step process starts with a quick, FREE “health check” survey that provides the farmer with valuable business intelligence (BI) insights setting a baseline today while highlighting their priorities and opportunities. Next, the farmer may engage our team to perform a 1 to 5-day onsite Grower Audit™ where we work together through a proven system to build a step-by-step 3 to 5-year action strategy. We are quickly able to help customers gain visibility and start seeing massive improvements throughout their operations almost instantly.

Our Audit’s systematic review helps farmers take an objective look at the current state of their organization. It provides crucial insights and recommendations on the types of technologies to consider and what types of infrastructures they will need for successful adoption. Then, we build a strategy that fits their needs and drives them towards achieving their business goals and objectives.

Coming from the Ag industry in California, Aaron Magenheim and Danny Royer have pioneered the integration of Ag and tech throughout hundreds of farming operations for over a decade. Aaron founded AgTech Insight in 2014 to advise AgTech entrepreneurs and investors around the globe about what farmers actually need.

We saw that typically only 10-20% of the potential of current on-farm technologies were being utilized and knew this had to change in order to really help farmers. After combining all of our experiences and processes, we streamlined our approach and built the Grower AgTech Audit™.

Growers Insight partners with a select number of implementation partners around the globe, training locals to leverage the methodology and process we have built. We are also working directly with farmers through Agricultural referral partners who want to offer this transformative solution to their clients but are not equipped to provide consulting services. To learn more please visit or call +1-855-410-2030


  • Customized strategic planning
  • Technology integration support
  • Aligning business strategy with innovation plans
  • Operations efficiency increase, input costs down
  • Technology adoption increase
  • Realizing business value of innovation
  • HR resource needs and training for technology
  • Combining many platforms/data sets into one
  • Process gaps